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Dear A.P.S.C.,

My name is Johnny Tauga Jones and I’m writing a short story of my life in hopes that I could influence at least one kid to change their life.

I was born in San Francisco, CA. Raised in Army street projects and that’s where my downfall began. My father was a drug dealer and user; he also was an alcoholic that was very abusive to me, my two sisters, little brother, and my mother. My mother just came from Samoa & she did not know how to raise a young man in the projects, so I raised myself. Before I got to middle school I was smoking weed and snorting coke on a daily just because my big homies made it look like the thing to do. I started thugging it on a high tech level: fighting, shooting, robbing, selling drugs, and even lightweight pimping. All this before I made it to high school. I was known as a turf hog and had much love and respect from my folks. I moved to Richmond and got worse and a lot harder. I started thizzin and having unprotected sex with a lot of random females. My grandfather died on my 18th birthday and that sent me over the edge. I started popping more pills than normal and I wanted to die. I carjacked this person and that changed my life forever. I never been to Juvi or Y.A. (Youth Authority), because I never got caught. I got caught for the carjacking when I was 18 and for a first offender I should’ve got probation but I could not afford a lawyer and they gave me 7 years-to-life in prison. (more…)