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This is for You:

This is to anyone that wants to hear it, but especially for those that need to hear it, to save their own life or at the least to save themelves, their family, and some innocent stranger from a lifetime of pain and suffering. I am speaking to you, who are unique and strong. You who are full of potential and wise. Yes… You, who are just one mistake, one decision away from being in Juvenile Hall or San Quentin. One mistake away from throwing away all the good and love you have to share with your family and loved ones.

This is to anyone that wants to hear it. My name doesn’t even matter. I am the guys in your neighborhood, the brother-father male figure that just disappeared one day, the name everyone still talks about on the streets but no longer exists- that’s me. That’s possibly you.

At seventeen I was charged as an adult and sentenced to State Prison for Murder. For my homeboys, for my set, for being down, my reward has been the last 21 years spent in prisons up and down the state. At 18 I was sent to Pelican Bay Prison, I got my G.E.D. while I was there. I can’t help thinking how I could have graduated from high school and went to my prom, instead of a cell and the craziness of having to deal with 1000 other killas. (more…)