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To the young people of Oakland, the Bay and Beyond:

Before I continue to write this letter, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Abubakar Achmad. Everybody calls me Abu for short. I am an inmate in CSP-Solano. Originally I came from Indonesia, a country located in South East Asia with 13,000 islands stretching from Sumatra, all the to Java, Bali, and west of Papua New Guinea. All my family came from Indonesia and I grew up in Jakarta which is the capital of Indonesia. Currently I am incarcerated in the California prison system which is the most bureaucratic prison in the nation.

I am here because I did wrongful doing. I violated the law of the land. The hardest parts about being incarcerated: I miss my family. My loved ones. All my friends. And everything I do I am always being watched: sleeping. Eating. Working. Taking a shower. There is no freedom and privacy whatsoever. Moreover, the California prison system right now is exceeding over crowding. Could you imagine that I’m living in a very small area with a lot of inmates in too. I could tell this story more and more because it is more frightening than you can ever imagine, but I am not trying to scare you or anything. This is just my reality. My life. (more…)