Hopes and Dreams | Khoi Huynh

Hopes and Dreams | Khoi Huynh


My name is Michael Placenio. I am half Filipino and half Mexican. I am 32 years old. My family and I are from Sacramento, California.

When I was in middle school and highschool I was hanging out with my friends doing normal teenage kid stuff. That was a time when life was simpler with less worries. But when I was 19, I made the mistake of trying Meth. My excuse was oh, I’m young, trying it once won’t kill me. Well it turned into twice, twice turned into three times and so on and so on. Read the rest of this entry »

In 2004, the API prison population in the United States totaled 12,799 – up from 9,825 in 1999.

In California, 64.6% of API prisoners were made up of immigrants and refugees.
The largest populations among them were the Vietnamese and Filipino, followed by Pacific Islanders and Laotians.

(AAPIP Report, 2005)

To the Oakland and Bay Area Youth,

My name is Thonsanh Phongsavat, my homies here call me LA. I am originally from the country Laos, and came to America when I was five years old. My family was having a very hard time out in my country, and came here with the hopes of starting over and finding for themselves a better life.

I was raised in a very cultural family, and I guess we had a hard time conforming to that of America’s life style. For those of you reading this who are from other countries, you may understand where I am coming from. Being a stranger in any place is hard. We grew up relatively poor, but my parents did their best to provide for us. Initially, our family first moved from Laos to Hawaii, the island of Oahu. I grew up there, and left when I was a teenager to California. Read the rest of this entry »

Reach For the Stars | Khoi Huynh

Reach For the Stars | Khoi Huynh

II Da Youth,

Before I begin, I want you to know that I will not preach or talk too much about why I am in prison and how bad I used to be. However, I will share with you my experiences on how stressful and how bad it sucks to be doing time. Read the rest of this entry »

To the Youth of the Bay Area,

My name is Chang Moon and I am a prisoner in the California State Prison System. I have been here for a few years, and have to say that this has been the hardest and most difficult moment of my life. My story is different from many of the other people in here. I was not involved with gangs, and spent most of my life as a law abiding citizen. The truth is that life is so unpredictable that anything can happen. In life, the most importnat thing is to make sure you think before you do things. People always talk about second chances, but sometimes, the chances run out. Read the rest of this entry »

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Untitled | Kasi Chakravartula

Untitled | Kasi Chakravartula from APSC

The largest API ethnic groups in CA prisons are:
Vietnamese (22%),
Filipinos (19.8%), and
Laotians (8.5%).