APSC History

In response to the U.S.’s addiction to prisons and its status as the world’s largest jailer, the Asian Prisoner Support Committee (APSC) was re-formed in 2005.  APSC works with Asian prisoners to educate the broader community about the growing number of Asians in the U.S.  being imprisoned, detained, and deported.  Our mission is to expose the root causes of why more and more Asians are going to prison, such as the crisis of our educational system, the lack of access to resources for low-income immigrants, war, and imperialism.

For those interested in helping to raise awareness about the Prison Industrial Complex and supporting prisoners striving to better themselves and their community, please contact:

Asian Prisoner Support Committee (APSC)

P.O. Box 1031
Oakland, CA 94604
email: apscinfo@gmail.com