Letter from Michael Placenio

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Letters v2
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My name is Michael Placenio. I am half Filipino and half Mexican. I am 32 years old. My family and I are from Sacramento, California.

When I was in middle school and highschool I was hanging out with my friends doing normal teenage kid stuff. That was a time when life was simpler with less worries. But when I was 19, I made the mistake of trying Meth. My excuse was oh, I’m young, trying it once won’t kill me. Well it turned into twice, twice turned into three times and so on and so on. At first it was fun and I was having a good time. But before I realized it I was addicted. It got to the point where I wouldn’t want to do anything but sleep if I didn’t have any drugs. I remember once I slept for eight days straight because I was out. Now that’s crazy, huh?

Then at the age of 21 I ended up going to the county jail for a week. After I slept for about a day and a half, I couldn’t sleep anymore and that made me realize that my addiction was more of a mental thing than a physical one. So I decided then and there it was time to sober up and get my life back together. Shortly after that I met a beautiful girl and I started working and things were going great. We both were making good money and we bought a house together. We were together for about seven years. Unfortunately, our relationship didn’t last.

At that point I had been clean for about seven years. Then I was at a party one night and somebody offered me meth. I said to myself I could do it every once in awhile and not get hooked. Yeah right. Well I ended up doing it that night and just like the first time, once turned to twice and so on. That turned into two years of drug use and now here I am.
What I have learned these past 2 1/2 years while incarcerated is that in life you need to stay focused on what direction you need to go in. Not so much on the here and now. You want to give yourself the best opportunity to get to your destination and I think it’s pretty plain to see by reading this brief story, that when you’re using drugs, you’re putting up huge road blocks to where you want to go in life. It may take longer for some than others for drug use to make things fall apart but believe me, it eventually will.

Well if there’s a bit of advice I could give you it would be this: enjoy life and try to surround yourself with a good group of friends. Try to stay away from people that would deter you from where you want to go in life and remember to stay focused on wherever that may be. I know most of you reading this are probably like how I was at your age. I thought I knew it all and would let advice from people go in one ear and out the other. But believe me, I sure wish I would have listened. I really hope this reaches someone out there and remember, life is truly what you make of it.

Michael Placenio

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