Letter from T. Shirosaki

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Letters v1
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Dear Friends,
the Young People of Oakland & Bay Area!

I’m T. Shirosaki, 61 years old, Japanese. I never stay in this country as free person.

I was born and grew up in central North of Japan. It is rural area and my family as peasant. But nearly all were in same poor conditions, so I did not feel so many problems when I was in middle school. When being in high school I could see real rich as well as poor and discriminated people, but did not think so much about social matters because I was busy to study for university.  When I went to university I studied social issues as well as what is capitalism, and imperialism. Thus I became an activist of a student movement. One incident forced me to stop into very radical group, I believed what they told me about incident but it was half true in reality.

By the way because of some activities in that group I was arrested in Tokyo (’71) and sentenced 10 years. But, when I was in prison, there was a hijacking of Japan Airliner over India and hijackers, a unit of Japanese Red Army, demanded ransom and release of some prisoners including me. So I was handed over to the hijackers. We eventually went to Lebanon, the then “State Heaven of Terrorist”. Soon after we went to Lebanon, Japanese police put us in Interpol wanted list as if we did jail break.

The J. Red Army tried to persuade us to join their rank, but I did not join. You see, I could not “swallow” all their words because of past experience. So, I became a fighter of the Palestinian Revolution.

It was 1986; there were homemade bomb attacks to embassies of U.S, Japan and Canada in Indonesia. I was in Lebanon and heard it by radio news. Several weeks later they announced that they found my fingerprints and the attack was done by J. Red Army etc. That’s the laughing matter! We just laughed and ignored, because we thought the status of Lebanon would not change so easily. But it changed after Saddam’s invasion to Kuwait.

I left Lebanon with a forged passport (Filipino passport), although I cannot speak their language. So, I couldn’t go to countries where Filipinos are existing. I went to Nepal and practiced as an acupuncturist. I knew that practice and treated many patients successfully! By the way, once I needed to contact a JRS member, so I tried to use phone. But it was mistake. The other end, the number which they gave me a week ago, was tapped by US Agency. They knew, so they abandoned the number already. Thus I was arrested in Katmandu, Nepal and sentenced, in US court, 30 years. At that time I did not know that it is the old technique to reprint someone’s fingerprints. My lawyer did not help, thus I lost even appeal.
As mentioned I have been in Japan’s jail where it is so hard. Therefore the daily life in U.S. jail is, so to speak, easy. But jail is jail; our activities are very limited, especially in this small special place, Communication Management Unit (CMU). Our communications are strictly limited, so many mails especially newsletters and magazines were returned or “evaporated”. And medical service is very poor. For example my left eye is same as blind, although eye doctor recommended an operation one year ago, I’m still awaiting such operation. Needless to say so many inmates in this small unit are in similar conditions.

I would like to suggest one point to our dream youth: “Do not believe anything somebody — especially authorities or media — telling story / history told by European descent!”

One example with self-criticism:
You know just before invasion to Iraq, they said Saddam has weapons of mass destruction, all kinds of ABCs (Atomic, Bio & Chemical weapons). And that was one of big facial reasons of Bush-shit government to invade. Although I could not believe about A-bombs, I thought Bs & Cs were undeniable, because Saddam used these weapons to Kurds as well as Iranians in 1980s. But as it became clear there was no such weapon.

So you’re clear that we must not be in mind control.

In solidarity!

T. Shirosaki

Federal Correctional Institution CMU
P.O. Box 33
Terre Haute, IN 47808

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