Letter from Steve Oliva

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Letters v1
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To the Young People,

My name is Steve Oliva, I’m 54 years of age and I love working out, walking, playing all around sports. I’m from America Samoa. My family also. My parents died while I’ve been here, and I really miss them so much, but I have to stay strong and accept this because it’s a part of our lives.

When I was in elementary school back in the island, I loved history and sports. I love my family and believed in family values and family bond. I have a great life when I was a kid. I always listened to my parents, grandparents, I respect everyone, and especially elders.

I was in my 20’s, I think 21 when I got in trouble. I took somebody’s life by accident, I didn’t mean it and I was young and stupid. My family always advised me but when I was young and in my 20’s I thought to myself that I know everything, and I’m right about everything, until they put me in prison. I regret everything and all the stupid things I’ve done. I’ve wasted all my life in here because of my hardheadedness, and not listening to people that love you unconditionally. Prison is not a place to be. Everything is prison is limited, everything is timed. This is the second place to HELL. The only way you can survive is through education and family support. I’ve put my family and my kids through hell, my community, my friends, and everyone that I love.

The food? 😦 Whatever they serve you got no choice. You will eat it or you will starve. I’ve been locked up 33 years and it’s not good.

Through the help of my prayers and family I probably wouldn’t make it. There is no such thing in prison as a tough guy (ZERO) your life will be controlled by staff and everybody above. The best advice I can tell you is to be yourself. You will see and find yourself successful and happy in life if you honor yourself and master your heart and your mind in most valuable desires that you have. I wish I could go back and use what I know now, but I can’t. But I can help someone else before her or he fall into the pit of hells that I’m in it.

You are special. You are the future, the beauty. You are your best friend and you are your worst enemy.

To all of you out there, especially you the youth of the future. Your best goal and your best weapons are pencil and paper. These are the mightiest weapons in the world and in life.

These are your life perspectives; who you are, what you are, happiness, famous, rich, sincere respect, kindness, best friends and beyond. You are special. You are the future, the beauty. You are your best friend and you are your worst enemy.

I’m closing this letter with love and respect and praying for your journey in life.

Steve Oliva
  1. David udy says:

    For those who read beleive what i say i was in side those walls 13yrs ago with Mr. Olivia his words still in my head as im still free. For those who get to meet him are blessed. Maybe someone could finially bless this man to go home. Let him free and just senf him home. God Bless u Steve

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