Letter from Johnny Tauga Jones

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Letters v1
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Dear A.P.S.C.,

My name is Johnny Tauga Jones and I’m writing a short story of my life in hopes that I could influence at least one kid to change their life.

I was born in San Francisco, CA. Raised in Army street projects and that’s where my downfall began. My father was a drug dealer and user; he also was an alcoholic that was very abusive to me, my two sisters, little brother, and my mother. My mother just came from Samoa & she did not know how to raise a young man in the projects, so I raised myself. Before I got to middle school I was smoking weed and snorting coke on a daily just because my big homies made it look like the thing to do. I started thugging it on a high tech level: fighting, shooting, robbing, selling drugs, and even lightweight pimping. All this before I made it to high school. I was known as a turf hog and had much love and respect from my folks. I moved to Richmond and got worse and a lot harder. I started thizzin and having unprotected sex with a lot of random females. My grandfather died on my 18th birthday and that sent me over the edge. I started popping more pills than normal and I wanted to die. I carjacked this person and that changed my life forever. I never been to Juvi or Y.A. (Youth Authority), because I never got caught. I got caught for the carjacking when I was 18 and for a first offender I should’ve got probation but I could not afford a lawyer and they gave me 7 years-to-life in prison.

I’m 24 now and the thing that really hurts me the most is that, inside I was really a good kid but I was a follower trying to do what everyone else did. I am multi-talented in sports, drawing, poetry, song-writing, dancing, and public speaking. I am very smart and have a very big family that wanted me to play football or boxing but I was blinded by gold teeth, females, and fast money. I chose this path, I hurt people, I hurt myself, and this is my karma. My advice to you young people is to become a leader and study hard in school so you can become a positive influence in the world. Slow money lasts longer!!!

Think of your family because when you get caught up they are all your going to have, your “homies” do not know you when you need help the most. I wish I had someone to guide me growing up, maybe I would not of messed up so much. That’s my short story I hope you got something from it!!

Stay strong and stay positive, do not let anyone talk you into doing things you know are not right,

Johnny Tauga Jones

#V-54521 / 14-EZ-UP
Vacaville, CA 95696-4000

Child to a Man

Growing up
I just wanted to be free!
And when I almost found freedom
look what happened to me.

They gave me 7 to life
at a very young age,
Put chains around my legs and wrists
and threw me in a cage.

I never thought
that I could be beat,
But it’s the price you pay
when you love the street.

I made a mistake
they do not know who I really am,
They look at me weird
and say I’m evil man.

Am I really a bad guy?
Did I really mean to do wrong?
I knew I had to pay a price
but why did they lock me up this long.

I was confused
and very upset,
to the victim and the family
I meant no disrespect.

No one ever wanted to help me
that’s why I did what I did,
I wish my mom could help me
but I’m no longer a kid.

I’m an adult now,
I alone have to pay for my crime,
But I did not physically hurt or kill anyone
and they still gave me all this time.

Do you think if I was raised differently,
I would’ve turned out OK?
Maybe if I was raised n the suburb
instead of the heart of the bay.

But I truly believe
that this is all part of god’s plan,
He wants me to study the word
and grow from a Child to a man!!!

  1. Rae says:

    I love you babe

  2. Rae says:


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